Theatre Banana 劇団バナナ
By Nanase Kusano Takarada Follow | Public



Theatre Banana was established in 2012 to offer stimulating interactive entertainment for babies and toddlers. Based in New York City, we have produced and presented works to young audience ranging from age zero to ten years old. Original works we have performed in New York include "A-Banana-Ka-Dabra", "Boo's Forest", and the adaptation of "Restaurant of Many Orders" by Kenji Miyazawa for toddlers. We had the opportunity to work closely with the Japan Society's Department of Education and Family Programs over the past few years, and produced “The Musical Momotaro”, “Story of Star-Festival - Love Story of Orihime and Hikoboshi" and took part in the Kamishibai Storytelling (paper-theatre) on numerous occasions at the Japan Society.

Our storytelling is an interactive process with the children, using music, songs and dance. Young participants exercise their imagination, enrich their senses, and nourish their creative spirit, and above all have a lot of fun! We are bilingual in Japanese and English, and perform in the language(s) that best suits our given audience. Our young audience and their families have enjoyed our shows not only in theaters, but also in libraries, preschools, hospitals, and in private events. We landed in Japan during the spring of 2016, and began constructing activities to deliver “smiles” to Japanese children.